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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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that works for you. now, abc 2news at 11. >> this back -- the red sox beat us up for years. >> it's a suite feeling, the orioles in the playoffs, find out why they took the long way to tampa. >> and a place where it's christmas already and you will understand why in september people are already in that giving spirit. . and officer see this report you will put rubber gloves on the kid husband send them to school. the news at 11 starts right now. we get to say the orioles are going to the playoffs. the angels losing the orioles have a playoff spot. >> yes! . >> they still have three games left but getting was tricky. >> officials saw smoke in the kitchen area of their chartered plane. the pilot decided to land in jacksonville. everybody is safe. the team boarded a while ago on
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their way back to tampa. the boys of summer are now the boys of fall. the orioles win all three against the boston red sox this weekend. the last home stand of the regular season. >> how do you feel? >> so excite. >> reporter: last year they spoiled boston's playoff hopes but there was no revenge this weekend. 92 wins and the club remains focused on trying to win the al east. >> i'm 33 but i was young -- i would have been three -- i would have been five when they went to the world series. >> reporter: it's one thing. its been 15 years since the orioles have been to the playoffs. camden yards was full of orange, not boston's blue and red. over 41,000 fans for a sunday game in late september. >> hopefully next year the first couple months of the season we get that crowd back. it's fun playing in front of
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40,000 orioles fans. >> it was crazy. first time i have seen fans stand up and clear when it's not even the last out. >> reporter: the players -- as the angels wrapped up their first of two games on sunday. the game was put up on the board with an angels win they were unable to get a wild card game while in baltimore. >> our goal now is to try to figure out how to play for baseball here. >> reporter: a home game against the yankee s is a possibility on thursday. so many wins means this young girl's parents will feel better about their chosen name. >> the team was not great when we named her so we took a lot of flack for names her camden. if we change the spelling we thought we could get away with it. >> reporter: change it back after tonight. the orioles in tampa monday, tuesday and wednesday where we will get live reports. the club manager called them three tough games, against a
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good pitching team but wins in tampa could push the orioles past the yankees to seal the division. cheryl connor. >> thank you. we want to see your orioles pride. send us your fan photographs and you can win a 200-dollar shopping spree. all the details and a link on the website. >> can't go bed tonight. you have a picture with him. you have a ball with the signature. your son, dog named after them. he may be the great of the human being we know and after all these years of no stat use brooks robinson now has two. we take you to legends playground. >> i can tell somebody behind me and i can tell its brooks. >> reporter: they were trying hard to just get a look of the local legend. >> i love brooks robinson. >> excited. this is a great thing. my wife is even more excited than i am. republican the word excited, well it just seems to be under
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stating. this is brooks robinson. with all of his awards behind him, he is still one of the nicest guys that has ever played baseball. >> my father worked for like 20 some years in memorial stadium and he used topples come home with stories about brooks and cal and eddie -- the very good with the people who worked at the stadium. >> reporter: on a night when this is all coming together, i wonder how long has this been in the making. >> forever stand here at orioles park at camden yards and it's about his defense. >> i have been waiting 15 years for this. this is great. on a day that brooks the greatest of all time gets honored. the yankees loose and we tie for first place and never look back. world series here we come. >> reporter: do we dare to dream? do we dare to dream? please do not tell anyone that our secret is that our legends
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are watching over us and that the nicest one of them all has just joined the team. >> i just want to say to all of you fans here, i don't like to call you fans. i like to call you friends. [applause] you have been so wonderful to me and my wife, since i came to baltimore, back in 1955 but i just want to tell you how much you fans mean to me. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> all right. we have showers earlier. everything clearing up nicely. here is the radar. notice again everything clearing pretty nicely. notice the source back effort eastern shore. you notice also the clouds also pushing off toward the south and the east. we will see clear sykes later this evening and that will allow for the temperatures to
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really start to dropful take a look at temperatures right now. it's 56 in town. 50 frederick. a lot of the numbers north and west will be in to the upper 40s similar to what we saw last night in terms of what we expect through the course of the wake up hours, 52 degrees, 67 around lunchtime, nice looking afternoon. a day where we will we around 72. a big warm up in the seven day and a big storm to talk about. >> thank you. a shooting on the eastside just after 3:00 this afternoon a man was shot in the 600 6 -- the victim was found on the ground face down. police say he had a gun shot wound to the head. police are saying that they believe the motive was just a fight or argument. right now they are looking for a gray station wagon with tinted windows. >> and ricky freeman of reserve circle has been charged with shooting a man on the marking lot of security square mall. it happened in front of the
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mall entrance. he is 17. he. >> there is rain tense search going on in tennessee right now. two children are missing. they are sister and a brother, just seven and nine. an amber alert has been issued. they weren't found after a fire destroyed their townhouse and killed their step grandparents. >> they were last seen by a neighbor at 6:30. three hours before the fire actually broke out. we know that they were close to the home with in hours before the fire. >> police questioned everybody who knew them including the parent who had extensive criminal records. >> a big apartment fire tonight. we take you to the 2,000 block of military place just off blue water boulevard when the firefighters got here they saw smoke and fire just shooting out of the apartment building. everybody got out okay but 23 families are being held by the
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red cross right now. to early to tell how the fire started. >> troubling new questions tonight about airport security. twice in the last week agents with the tsa allowed loaded guns through airport checkpoints. >> reporter: in the latest blacky a loaded .38 caliber gun went undetected by screeners. joshua richardson mistakenly flew with it from new orleans to newark. just one day earlier they missed another loaded gun. this time in a firefighter ear carry on bag. that gun made it onto the plane. >> scary, i would say i hope him -- i'm surprised they missed it. >> reporter: some in congress worry it's become business as usual. >> the reports i get it's not just this one weapon. it's hundreds of items every day that it can't be tolerated.
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>> reporter: if more unwanted investigation to the agency onto heels of an investigation by brian ross into possible theft by tsa agents. which tracked a missing i-pad to the home of this officer. >> my wife said she got it and brought it home. >> that's not true. we saw it in your hands. >> reporter: that officer was fired but as for the record on security the tsa said it had many successes. taking 1100 weapons, 9 29 guns last week alone. many think the own screeners need better screening. >> i this ty goes back to the type of hiring, the many indicational requirements. >> reporter: as for that officer that let a firefighter carry a gun through security, tsa said the person responsible has been pulled from duty this week with possibly more discipline action to come. >> 37 days until the election
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and in just three days the president and romney will go face to face in their first debate of the campaign. the president and romney off the campaign trail as they prepare for a game on in the debates. with the president pull ahead in the polls many say this debate is important for romney. >> don't think anyone would suggest the debates aren't important. i can't tell you how important it'll be. >> reporter: analysts say the first could make or break. the president report lid held up preparing to confront romney. >> closer to home high school students were hitting the streets this weekend with a message. the group intersection went door to door through northeast baltimore asking others to support the dream act with question four on the ballot in november and it would allow illegal immigrants to pay the discounted in-state tuition price if they attend maryland high schools and if they have filed tax returns. there. are a lot of people who work
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hard in school do their best and try and really deserve to go to college. >> opponents say it costs the state money. they have enough signatures and pushed to a vote saying they don't deserve the discount since they aren't citizens. >> just what is johnny carrying to school? you thought shopping cart handles were dirty. >> wait until you see what they found on lunch bags. >> and a big recall. if the car you are driving needs too go back to the shop. >> and a clear sky right now across much of maryland but down to the south a big storm. we will time this arrival, share the seven day forecast on the news at 11 which is back in 60 second is.
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. your child's lunch box may be full of more than just food. >> germs including fecal bacteria found on lunch bags, are you kidding? what else is found on their lunch boxes.
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>> reporter: this is staph, this is likely fecal bacteria. where did we find it? on some of these lunch bags. >> make this is one of -- pick it up and say i need to be careful. >> reporter: there was also yeast, both germ that indicate the bags weren't clean. >> boxes take a beating. they are in and out, moving around, they are going to get more -- they are going to get dirty. . >> reporter: we partnered with a science and his students to find what was lurking in local bags. >> we just wipe round the areas where kids are most likely to touch. the handle and the top but also a bit of the front and the back. >> reporter: they swabbed more than 100 bags provided by three elementary schools. then went back to the lab to transfer cells from the swabs to dishes. >> you can see a variety of different things on any one box. >> reporter: what grew may gross you out.
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59 of the 103 bags had low levels of staph, two had high amounts. >> having something like this get in to the wrong place at the wrong time could lead to a potential infection. >> reporter: including mrsa. the low levels of yeast are okay but that could mean the bags have big problems. >> they indicate just the fact that my box is coming in contact with vegetation, my food or sitting it on the lawn as i wait for the bus. >> reporter: and he found something that is very bad, 23 bags had fecal bacteria, four had dangerously high levels. >> get in to the system and in a good sized dose can cause you gastric problems, leading to vomiting. in some cases maybe worse. >> reporter: the cloth bags carried by today's kids are part of the problem. they are betting breeding grounds for back year that than
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metal or plastic. >> it's a textured fabric and all the groves are plays that will be hard tore get things out. >> reporter: it's easy to keep determines at basement. >> this is what they should do every day. >> reporter: a swipe with a wipe and regular hand washing is all the child needs to remember to do to keep their lunch bag clean. >> hoping that this is -- study would help people realize we can all do a better job. >> gm is recalling the 2007 to 2009 chevy cobalt and 2007 through 2009 pontiac g5. the torren and the the saturn ion. the reason apparently is a faulty fuel pump. the cars were sold or registered in seven states. the closest to us is florida. and a reminder for parents when children using safety
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seats in your car. starting tomorrow. a new state law gets rid of the weight exception for kids under night. the 65-pound threshold is being replaced a height restriction. any child under the age of eight manslaughter must be in a seat unless they are 4-foot 9. you can call maryland kids in safety seats if you have questions. >> that's it. watch out. a big piece of bridge that is under demolition, workers got out of the way just in time. its part of a major product that's closed a ten mile stretch of the busy 405 that links la up with the valley. work is going on and the freeway should be open just in time for bumper to bumper rush hour tomorrow morning. you caught that bridge.
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>> yeah. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's take a look at some weather in motion this is annapolis. little after ten. beautiful skies shot but then the rain came in and gusty winds, gusty winds, garret, the temperatures from the 70 mark right down in to the 50s and the shots downtown things are starting to dry out. look at the current stats at 11:00. 56 degrees at the airport. still a lot of humidity in the atmosphere but it's not feeling very humid. the dew points down to around 53, calm wind right now and the pressure falling up 29.89. terms of where we were today, 73 degrees. that was the afternoon high. normally should be around 72 so we are an par for the average and 91 was in the books, that's in 1941. terms of temperatures across town. york down to 48 degrees. 56 in the estimate i expect a couple upper 40s just out
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outside of i-70. mare linned's radar, clear overhead. spotty showers around the bay bridge as you get in toward -- toward the eshore. things looking good at this hour and you will notice the clouds are starting to clear out more toward the south and east. clear skies will guarantee the cooling that will allow for the temperatures to drop quickly. terms of what we are seeing on the satellite picture, there is the cloud dropping off to the south and east. through the course of tomorrow morning blend of sun and clouds, 52 around 7:00. we will be in to the 70's tomorrow afternoon. sunny skies at two but the cloud wills come back into place toward the tail end of the afternoon. at the end you notice a lot of clouds over the tennessee valley. there is a storm system just over northern mississippi and this is what's going to pull in our direction. we will get wet, that one round
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of showers, that went around this area of low pressure, over upstate new york. here is the warm front separating the cool air on top of us today and tomorrow. the real mild air towarded south. once this front crosses in to maryland we will get in to the 08's but it'll be at a cost, a shower, maybe a thunderstorm for tuesday afternoon. just bank on the idea of wet weather moving back in to the picture. look at the temperatures that separate this front. 56 town. 70, beyond that in new orleans. that's the -- the warmer air that will be advancing toward the north. a lot of moisture, mexico, this is poised to move in during the course of the tuesday afternoon. lingering into the first part of wednesday and then we will start to clear out and stay mild for much of the week. terms of what to expect for tonight temperatures falling back in thoughts 40s. mix of stars and clouds this early showers have passed off to the south and east. two degree guarantee to 73 for tomorrow. seasonable and then for torrow night only goes down
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to 60 degrees which opens up the door for 70s on tuesday. 77 degrees, with a shower, gusty thunderstorms possible during the course of the afternoon. wednesday, 80 degrees. summer is hanging on. even into thursday. could be 81, we will be back in to the 07's to round out the workweek and if you like cold weather we have a ten day forecast at chanl 2. we will show maybe upper 50s for daytime highs, talking about the dramatic pattern change on -- my facebook. >> all right. >> good world series weather. >> come on. >> all right. thank you. >> the christmas season is full of hope and for one virginia family it's just what they need. >> that's why they are already celebrating, the holiday cheer is spreading to so many others. here is david. >> reporter: little 5-year-old nathan is getting the mail. the entire family is right there helping him. mom, dad, sister too.
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their mailbox already over flowing christmas cards. >> nathan, racing in to wish you a merry christmas. >> reporter: the holiday coming early for a boy who wanted to. he has been fighting cancer. >> it's never good when the doctor calls you after hours. >> reporter: what started as brain cancer has spread. . he is fighting it but the latest scan shows the tumors have been stubborn and even at five knowing he is up against a filing fights he said the one thing that would make him happy is to celebrate early christmas. >> he asked if we would put up our christmas tree and our lights, that he thought that would make him feel better . >> reporter: this weekend it wasn't just christmas at his house, it was all through the neighborhood. people next door putting up their lights too and indoors nathan was invited to decorate
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their treat. the neighbors told them that we are in this together. >> we walked this road with them thin since the beginning. never really a question. when he asked for it to be christmas in the middle of september you just do it. >> what we have right now is christmas on september 26th, 2012. >> reporter: the fight ahead, they still plan to celebrate with him on decemb 25th. they hope an early christmas gift and a neighborhood behind him will get him may leave it u year. every day should be like christmas. we should always have that spirit. >> bonnie and clyde used guns to rob banks and kill. >> those guns were auctioned off. how much they sold for and who bought them. >> michael phelps can swim like a fish out of water but
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could he preform on all four like [inaudible]? next up a visit for the pet olympics.
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. what was -- that belonged to love bandits bonnie and clyde would be worth? how about a half million dollars? these guns were give tone a policeman who shot them and they ended up in the ans of a collector who sold them to our auction and they sold them and they were bought by a texas
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text o'clocker. >> the show must go on for justin bieber fans. the teen got sick twice during the show, sick like throwing up, twice during the concert. during the -- it was a kickoff of his believe tour. he left the stage and came back after a brief break and he told his fans he wasn't feeling well but later he tweeted out a picture of himself saying he is resting up and ready for the next show. >> the olympics may be over but don't tell these four legged friends. jumping up, low, fast and they took over the richmond international speedway with the --. >> taking a break. >> tail wagging contest. >> no gold medals here and it's all about the dogs in the all dogs adventure, agility competition. that. looks agile. >> pretty good. >> get you out the door. looks good.
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mostly sunny but a cloudy finish. >> there is jj hardy. >> this is good stuff. >> giving these away. >> yeah. >> made the playoffs. >> bobblehead doll. >> 52 tomorrow. 67 around lunchtime. around 72 but 80, yeah, by the middle of next week. there is -- the chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm by tuesday. back at 4:30. we are back in a couple minutes.
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. you going to sleep tonight? >> no. >> we are in the playoffs.
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a great week. >> thank you for joining us. >> close up here. >> there you go. >> there is jj. and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you.
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dit's just that simple, i mean, needit's a no brainer.and. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland.
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david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state ofma.


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